Edging closer to equality, thanks Supreme Court!

June 26 was an historic day as the Supreme Court made a landmark decision on the Defense of Marriage Act, a federal law that blocked the federal recognition of gay marriage. This means that married gays now have access to federal benefits like Social Security survivor benefits, immigration rights and family leave. Also on the same day, the higher court allowed gay marriage to resume in California. We are that much closer to equality!

To celebrate I offer my Facebook Fans my song “See That Light” featuring friend and musician Todd Snider proselytizing people to “smarten up, to get along… and to leave them gay kids alone.” At its heart the song is an anti-bullying tune, in which the storyteller is a young kid in love with her or his best friend until they realize that’s not allowed. Like my Facebook page and download “See That Light”.

It seems there is a rising tide of acceptance among the majority of Americans towards equal rights for all citizens regardless of sexual orientation. Bring it on! Wash away the irrational phobia. I am extremely hopeful that my GF and I will be able to enjoy the same rights as heterosexual couples someday soon.

And a little more about this tune… When I set out to work on my latest album A Million Stars “See That Light” came to me as a simple little ditty as I stared at the moon rising up over the Columbia River. It’s a tribute to faith in love because from my vantage that’s the most important thing we know amidst all the mystery of life and death. It just so happened that I was likely singing it to a gal. With that notion, I realized that this little ditty had more of a message, so I wrote the part for Todd saying “Now Brothers and Sisters… let’s leave those gay kids alone. Let them love each other. They aren’t hurting anyone…”

Enjoy, celebrate, and bring it on!