REVIEW: “vivid songwriting skills”

Thanks Maverick of the UK for the review:

“Though currently based in Portland, Oregon, Ashleigh Flynn grew up in Kentucky and on this latest album she takes the various diverse roots of American music and channels them through her own vivid songwriting skills. It’s very much like a travelogue through the ages across the American landscape, from the story of Cattle Annie and Little Britches, two cowgirls who roamed the ranges in the late 1800s (A Million Stars) to the vintage jazz-flavoured Prohibition Rose and A Little Low, a memorial to her friend Nancy Bergerson, who was murdered. Musically, the album is all over the map in a good and positive way, with each song given the just-right accompaniment with such diverse instrumentation as pedal steel, banjo, Dobro, autoharp, ukulele, fiddle, mandolin, horns plus the usual guitars, keyboards, bass and drums.”

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