Big Hat, No Cattle!

Howdy! Check out this new song from Ashleigh Flynn & the Riveters! This tune was inspired by an experience I had at a blues joint a few years back. I had just shaved my head and was donning a big ol’ straw cowboy hat. An old dude, who seemed both perplexed and like he was trying to flirt with me; the girlboi, came up to offer a drink: “Hey there, Big Hat, No Cattle!” I laughed and then I took the drink and DROPPED THE MIC!
Written by Ashleigh Flynn – with some fun input from her galfriends in PDX – Nikole P, Calico Rose
Produced & Engineered by Nancy Luca
Stringed Instruments – Nancy Luca
Bass – Marika Tjelios
Drums – Shannon Millard