September shows – AMA Nash, St Lou, Kent, ATL, & DC

Hi folks! Please check out my tour dates – coming up next week! I will travel to Nashville to play with my East Nashville Comrades – East x Americana! Then will help my friends in Black Prairie kick off the Americana Music Fest at the Bluegrass Situation Midnight Roundup! Followed by some shows with BP […]

PDXers – No Kruger’s Farm for Ash! :(

Hi folks, I am super sad to report, for those of you who may have been planning our annual sojourn to Kruger’s Farm tomorrow night.  Well, I came down with a mean case of the chicken pox, and am hereby sequestered from humanity until further notice. Local bear wonder band, Sneakin Out, will carry on […]

REVIEW: “vivid songwriting skills”

Thanks Maverick of the UK for the review: “Though currently based in Portland, Oregon, Ashleigh Flynn grew up in Kentucky and on this latest album she takes the various diverse roots of American music and channels them through her own vivid songwriting skills. It’s very much like a travelogue through the ages across the American […]

REVIEW: “one of her best albums to date”

Freight Train Boogie, thanks! “Released on her own Home Perm Records, Ashleigh Flynn’s latest studio album is described on her website as “true blue Americana featuring a bit of folk, blues, country and rock.”  With that type of variety, it would not be unusual to have a couple missteps or at least some issues with […]

REVIEW: “brilliant portrait of outlaw women throughout history.”

Thanks for the kudos, Examiner: “Ashleigh Flynn has pulled off a rare feat in music today, a loose concept album that reads both like a set of stand alone historical short stories and a cohesive and timely narrative of the lengths strong-willed independent women must go to put their names in the history books.” Read […]

Roots Song of The Week

And another top pick for the first week of July. Thanks Fervor Coulee who writes: “This week’s Fervor Coulee Roots Song of the Week is a track that floored me when I heard it while on the way to work one day in early June.” Read the review

Edging closer to equality, thanks Supreme Court!

June 26 was an historic day as the Supreme Court made a landmark decision on the Defense of Marriage Act, a federal law that blocked the federal recognition of gay marriage. This means that married gays now have access to federal benefits like Social Security survivor benefits, immigration rights and family leave. Also on the same […]

REVIEW: “Resolve, conviction, and sweetness.”

Over at The Aquarian Weekly, Mike Greenblatt sure had some nice things to say about A Million Stars. Thanks Mike! Check out his review: “Since I keep telling everybody to turn off country radio and the crap it promotes, it’s only fair—since I love country music—to turn folks on to the real deal. A Million Stars (Home […]

REVIEW: “Casting out darkness and lighting the corners of our world.”

Country Standard Time sets their sights on “A Million Stars”: On the fourth album released on her label, Home Perm, Ashleigh Flynn continues to do what she’s always done best: seduce us with lively stories backed by tender, raucous, and rollicking instrumentals. In the tales on “A Million Stars,” Flynn celebrates and recovers for our […]