Press Quotes

2008 american dream

“flynn’s best: a soulful croon best described as a gold plated gift from beyond, a songwriters eye for detail, melodic and hook-filled…” – the oregonian

“the true triumph is flynn’s mastery of her own voice, the most satisfying rootsy gal album to come out of pdx since 2002…” -willamette week

“on her third studio album, american dream, local songbird ashleigh flynn veers into poppier territory with great results.” – portland tribune

“not only does flynn craft fine songs and possess the pitch-perfect voice, in person she is funny, charming, and flexible.” -the register guard “the key element is flynn’s poetic lyricism and her unvarnished voice…” -eugene weekly

“ashleigh flynn’s soulful music is a great escape from the usual. For those of you looking for something new and beautiful, this kentucky woman is your ticket.” -la cityzine frontpage!

2007-2006 troubadouring

“country/americana @ bonnaroo – ashleigh flynn has sweet pure vocals that gave her audience a much – needed dose of honey.”

“ashleigh flynn @ nxne – roots worth investigating!” – the toronto star

“ashleigh flynn is somebody you are undoubtedly going to want to hear …full of soul, flynn’s voice is flawless. ” – boston bay windows

“7th day acoustic residency: ashleigh flynn – pdx songsmith brings her intimate, country inflected tunes to pianos in support of her new cd – live @ mississippi studios.” –time out ny

portland’s premiere singer/songwriter is heading east to play a regular month-long gig @ pianos nyc. Flynn’s new album features her smoky vocals and insightful songwriting… – gonyc

2005 live at mississippi studios

“flynn comes by her creative pedigree honestly. Her bottom lines for this album were to: “have fun, do songs you love”. Judging by finished album, it appears that these edicts were all she needed to get by.” – the oregonian

“edgy female songwriter – flynns roots run deep! A fortuitous musical marriage -ashleigh flynn and sneakin’ out mutual musical invention shines…” – willamette week

2004-2002 chokecherry press

“ashleigh flynn – a darling of the nw americana scene…” – the village voice

“flynn is an amazing artist with immense talents – not the least her magnetic voice that holds great promise for the future.”

ashleigh flynn’s vocals are the focus, make no mistake, that jewel of a voice.” – the oregonian

ashleigh flynn writes poppy feel-good music with brains, without missing a beat. She’s a wonderful songwriter and musician who’s sure to please a crowd. -willamette week

“ashleigh flynn, kentucky angel shines with national debut!” – women who rock

“a kentucky girl with an adventurous sonic sensibility.” – sing out

“there’s a breathy ache in ashleigh flynn’s husky voice. Chokecherry is peppy pop with an off-kilter slant…” – santa monica mirror