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No Depression – Vancouver Folk Fest Day 2 Review …All eyes were on the Kentuckians.  Sometimes all you need is a lot of talent, a single microphone and a few home-made instruments. Well – done, Ashleigh Flynn.

 Jambase, High Sierra Music Festival Live Review    Everyone smitten with Lucinda Williams, Patty Griffin and Gillian Welch should run, not walk, and immediately spin A Million Stars, the latest album from this Portland, Oregon-based singer-songwriter. Taken into the open air at High Sierra in a lovely day-starting Grandstand set, Flynn’s newest songs stomped their boots, plucked heart strings and generally charmed the britches off folks. Flynn is funny and slyly sincere, a storyteller able to snag details from the immediate moment, the night before, and whatever else floats into view to forge stage banter filled with off-handed wisdom and earthy understanding – fitting given how her tunes bulge with both traits.

 Three Chords and the Truth UK, Album Review: Ashleigh Flynn – ‘A Million Stars’   If you are unaware of the talents of Ashleigh Flynn, it would be highly advisable to read on and spend a few minutes of your valuable time getting acquainted with her. Her new album A MILLION STARS appeared in the inbox and the challenge is not to be hooked into a sound which embraces all that is good within the evolving Americana genre.

 No Depression – Exclusive ND First Spin: Ashleigh Flynn – ‘A Million Stars’  Portland-based singer-songwriter Ashleigh Flynn has been earning her way up the folk/roots/Americana totem pole for years, playing her heart out in cities around the country. Like many on the Portland scene, Flynn seems to pull from a bottomless source of inspiration – including bluegrass, country, and folk, but also indie rock and other styles – to fashion songs which are as heartfelt as they are both fun and heartbreaking.

 Too Much Country Live Review: East X Americana – Ashleigh Flynn is Smashing   One performer with whom I wasn’t familiar, however, really caught my ear: Ashleigh Flynn (web | Twitter). She was jokingly introduced by the emcee as “Todd Snider’s other friend”. One of her songs that really got listeners’ attention at East-Centric Pavilion was Dirty Hands and Dirty Feet. In addition to having a tremendous voice and compelling lyrics…you simply gotta love a group of songs that include words such as guile, polecat, hooch, hounds, and dirty feet.

Get Ready To Rock UK, Album Review: Ashleigh Flynn – ‘A Million Stars’  The album’s twelve tracks represent some of the best Americana you’ll hear this year from the title track chronicling the story of Cattle Annie and Littles Britches, two cowgirls who rode the outlaw trails in the late 1800s, to the marvellous rock out tale of Annie Oakley – How The West Was Won, it’s a riveting ride that should appeal to both purists and those seeking some crossover magic.  Rather charming.  ****

The Bluegrass Situation, Random Pickings with Lee Zimmerman –  Album Review: Ashleigh Flynn – ‘A Million Stars’   Ashleigh Flynn projects a similar feeling of affinity for all things traditional with A Million Stars (Home Perm Records), an impressive showcase for Flynn’s homespun vocals and ever-shifting melodic palate. While songs like “Rainy Days” and “A Little Low” seem to emphasize the mellower side of Flynn’s whimsical musings, other tracks reflect an artist who imbues her style with a wink and a nudge. “How the West Was Won,” “New Angel in Heaven” and “See That Light” would likely find ready acceptance in the neighborhood honkytonk, but the track that’s  especially noteworthy is “Dirty Hands and Dirty Feet,” a steadfast ramble that shows both conviction and creativity. A Million Stars puts the focus on a star that’s on the ascent.

 Freight Train Boogie, Album Review: Ashleigh Flynn – ‘A Million Stars’   Released on her own Home Perm Records, Ashleigh Flynn’s latest studio album is described on her website as “true blue Americana featuring a bit of folk, blues, country and rock.”  With that type of variety, it would not be unusual to have a couple missteps or at least some issues with the overall flow of the album.  However, Ashleigh successfully avoids these pitfalls and delivers one her best albums to date.

De Kreten Uit De Pop, Netherlands, Album Review: Ashleigh Flynn – ‘A Million Stars’  A Million Stars opens with a track on which a lot of Texan roots musicians will be jealous. The Devil Called Your Name is sultry, brooding and dark and is distinguished by subtle guitar work, an almost hypnotic banjo, a small organ that like a warm blanket around you and especially the warm and soulful voice of Ashleigh Flynn. The opening track is more than sufficient for me to embrace the American singer-songwriter as a great promise for the future, but A Million Stars has a lot more to offer.

Real Roots Café, Germany, Album Review: Ashleigh Flynn – ‘A Million Stars’  A very pleasant CD from a beautiful talented lady who writes songs and an excellent variation make to her new CD. Go have a listen.

The Examiner, Album Review: Ashleigh Flynn – ‘A Million Stars’  Portland native Ashleigh Flynn has been building a following in the Americana music underground for several years now, with her fourth Home Perm album “A Million Stars”, and she appears ready to take her career to the next level. The characters on “A Million Stars” are unfailingly compelling and their stories are four minute musical novels, transcending the typical character sketch to pack a fully formed personality, warts and all, into each song. She has an slight edge of grit in her bluesy voice, the kind of gravel you’d expect to hear coming from the mouths of the kind of hard working, hard playing, and hard drinking n’er do wells that make up “A Million Stars.”  Ashleigh Flynn has pulled off a rare feat in music today, a loose concept album that reads both like a set of stand alone historical short stories and a cohesive and timely narrative of the lengths strong-willed independent women must go to put their names in the history books.

 Alt Country Netherlands, Album Review: Ashleigh Flynn – ‘A Million Stars’  A Millions Stars is a lovely alt-country album. Especially recommended for fans of the early work of kd lang.

Wasser-Prawda, Germany, Album Review: Ashleigh Flynn – ‘A Million Stars’  The music is pure Americana sounds, sometimes more to Blue Grass, sometimes to the country, sometimes to the Oldtime Jazz or Blues. Very worth listening to!

Ashleigh Flynn’s “See That Light” – #1 Alternate Root’s Song of the Week!  July 2013

Fervor Coulee- Roots Song of the Week: Ashleigh Flynn’s “How the West Was Won”   A month and a half ago, I had never heard of Ashleigh Flynn, a Kentucky-born and raised musician with four albums to her credit, including the brand new A Million Stars. I now know who she is…and more than that, I love her music. A Million Stars contains 12 songs, all firmly within the Americana world, each individually enjoyable and ‘stand alone’ ideal.  This week’s Fervor Coulee Roots Song of the Week is a track that floored me when I heard it while on the way to work one day in early June. I played it three times in a row, and enjoyed it each time. “How The West Was Won” is ‘about’ Calamity Jane, but speaks to the independence all of us need to find at various points in our life: we may not need a horse and gun, but we have to find the gumption to find our own path.

Ashleigh Flynn’s A Million Stars, The Alternate Root’s Debut Album of the Week, May 2013 Ashleigh Flynn spins her stories in Portland, Oregon. Ashleigh takes history and sticks it in a song. On A Million Stars, her fourth release on her own imprint, Home Perm Records, Ashleigh introduces us to heroines and lawless ladies (sometimes the roles are interchangeable within the body of the characters). Her stage sets are America, though Ashleigh does take a little closer look into dark corners and behind the obvious to get the real from a really good story.

Country Standard Time Album Review: Ashleigh Flynn – ‘A Million Stars’  “Casting Out Darkness and Lighting the Corners of Our World.”   On the fourth album released on her label, Home Perm, Ashleigh Flynn continues to do what she’s always done best: seduce us with lively stories backed by tender, raucous, and rollicking instrumentals. In the tales on “A Million Stars,” Flynn celebrates and recovers for our view the lives of the numerous women – some well-known, such as Calamity Jane, but others unnamed – who participated in the westward expansion but whose exploits often go untold. Flynn’s wry, inventive, and slyly humorous stories, soaring voice, and eloquent command of diverse musical genres shine brightly upon us, casting out darkness and lighting the corners of our world.

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2008 american dream

“flynn’s best: a soulful croon best described as a gold plated gift from beyond, a songwriters eye for detail, melodic and hook-filled…” – the oregonian

“the true triumph is flynn’s mastery of her own voice, the most satisfying rootsy gal album to come out of pdx since 2002…” -willamette week

“on her third studio album, american dream, local songbird ashleigh flynn veers into poppier territory with great results.” – portland tribune

“not only does flynn craft fine songs and possess the pitch-perfect voice, in person she is funny, charming, and flexible.” -the register guard “the key element is flynn’s poetic lyricism and her unvarnished voice…” -eugene weekly

“ashleigh flynn’s soulful music is a great escape from the usual. For those of you looking for something new and beautiful, this kentucky woman is your ticket.” -la cityzine frontpage!

2007-2006 troubadouring

“country/americana @ bonnaroo – ashleigh flynn has sweet pure vocals that gave her audience a much – needed dose of honey.”

“ashleigh flynn @ nxne – roots worth investigating!” – the toronto star

“ashleigh flynn is somebody you are undoubtedly going to want to hear …full of soul, flynn’s voice is flawless. ” – boston bay windows

“7th day acoustic residency: ashleigh flynn – pdx songsmith brings her intimate, country inflected tunes to pianos in support of her new cd – live @ mississippi studios.” –time out ny

portland’s premiere singer/songwriter is heading east to play a regular month-long gig @ pianos nyc. Flynn’s new album features her smoky vocals and insightful songwriting… – gonyc

2005 live at mississippi studios

“flynn comes by her creative pedigree honestly. Her bottom lines for this album were to: “have fun, do songs you love”. Judging by finished album, it appears that these edicts were all she needed to get by.” – the oregonian

“edgy female songwriter – flynns roots run deep! A fortuitous musical marriage -ashleigh flynn and sneakin’ out mutual musical invention shines…” – willamette week

2004-2002 chokecherry press

“ashleigh flynn – a darling of the nw americana scene…” – the village voice

“flynn is an amazing artist with immense talents – not the least her magnetic voice that holds great promise for the future.”

ashleigh flynn’s vocals are the focus, make no mistake, that jewel of a voice.” – the oregonian

ashleigh flynn writes poppy feel-good music with brains, without missing a beat. She’s a wonderful songwriter and musician who’s sure to please a crowd. -willamette week

“ashleigh flynn, kentucky angel shines with national debut!” – women who rock

“a kentucky girl with an adventurous sonic sensibility.” – sing out

“there’s a breathy ache in ashleigh flynn’s husky voice. Chokecherry is peppy pop with an off-kilter slant…” – santa monica mirror